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From Rehab to Relief, Touch Animal Rehabilitation offers a variety of treatments to ease your pet's pain and improve health. We utilize; an Underwater Treadmill, a Class IV Therapy Laser, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Conditioning Exercise Equipment, Massage therapy, Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy.


Touch has the only underwater treadmill in the region: the Petsafe VT 810. The warm water relaxes your pet’s muscles while the track enables them to extend and stretch their bodies. 

Your pet benefits from the effect that hydrotherapy has on sore muscles and joints. The use of water reduces the amount of weight being placed on the joints and allows the pet to move each joint freely increasing its range of motion and providing important nutrition to the joints.

The buoyancy of the water can offers resistance, allowing us to build endurance and increase performance. The underwater treadmill is a safe, drug-free, and proven effective method of treatment which:

  • Improves range of motion and mobility

  • Treats the aches and pains of osteoarthritis

  • Enhances cardiovascular function and performance

  • Accelerates return to function after injury

  • Provides stability and confidence while exercising

  • Intensifies conditioning or boost weight loss

  • Minimizes weight on arthritic joints or during post-op recovery

Miss Giny in for her monthly maintenance!

Miss Giny in for her monthly maintenance!

Eddie the Whippet for a stroll in the treadmill!

Eddie the Whippet for a stroll in the treadmill!

Class IV Therapy Laser

Laser therapy has been proven to be effective in providing pain relief for those suffering from osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, feline arthritis, muscle strain, tendon damage, and numerous diseases affecting the skin (i.e. aural hematoma). Using the Class IV Companion Laser we can offer pain relief and muscle relaxation.

This deep tissue laser uses a beam of light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells which leads to pain reduction, reduced inflammation and increased healing speed. Because of this, laser therapy is exceptionally beneficial to pets undergoing any type of orthopedic or general surgery as it produces healing in each individual cells.

The laser light is delivered through a massaging hand piece. Your pet may feel a gentle soothing warmth and the treatments are only a matter of minutes.

Bella Boo getting her regular laser!

Bella Boo getting her regular laser!

Therapeutic Ultrasound


Therapeutic ultrasound is a method of stimulating tissue beneath the skin's surface using sound waves.

It is a very high frequency massage that penetrates below the surface of the skin and warms the soft tissue.

Generally used in combination with other modalities for pain relief, therapeutic ultrasound is frequently used to treat conditions such as hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. It is also very often used for post-op patients.

The gentle thermal effects of therapeutic ultrasound facilitate an increase in blood flow and enzyme activity in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This helps to decrease swelling, promote healing, reduce the buildup of scar tissue, and relieve pain.

Conditioning Exercises

Exercise therapy is great for core strengthening, increased range of motion, flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control.

Core strength is a fundamental element used by your dog to control its body when jumping, turning, and running. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can reduce and prevent injuries. This is true whether your dog is involved in sport, is a working dog, or just a couch potato with healthier aspirations.

Core conditioning is an essential part of any athletes training program, including the performance dog. If your dog participates in agility competitions, you'll want to make sure your dog is in prime physical condition. Once on top of the FitPAWS® conditioning equipment, your dogs body will automatically react to the shifting movement, causing your dog to use different muscle groups simultaneously in order to remain upright.

Adding this strengthening activity to your dog's cross-training activities 3-4 times a week generates:

  • Improved reaction and control

  • Increased trunk and core strength

  • Stabilization of weak areas

  • Improved balance and proprioception

  • Improved sensory and body awareness

  • Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of muscles


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