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As a young girl, Laurel had a need to help animals. Much to her parent’s dismay, she would frequently bring home puppies and kittens. Growing up she always had pets around her and her first memories include a Corgi named Corky and a cat she dragged home from a farm named Ginger. Pets came and went as she grew up and when she went off to college, she took her partner in crime Panda. They were inseparable, she went everywhere with Laurel, including school.

As a graduate of St. Lawrence College, Laurel enjoyed 19 years of service to the people and pets of North Bay. She is in good standing of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and is a member of International Association of She is in good standing of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and is a member of International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. 

Laurel is certified in canine rehabilitation through the University of Tennessee (CCRP). She has earned certification as  a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT)from the University of Tennessee, and is certified as a FitPAWs Master Trainer in Canine Fitness (FP-MT).

She shares her home with Sunny and Klover the Beagles, Max the Shih Tzu, Vader the miracle dog and a cat named Kronick. The New addition to her family is Flynn, the little Whippet!

Laurel loves providing rehabilitation and conditioning to the pets of North Bay and is proud to say that it is good to be a pet here. 

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Roxanne Charbonneau


Roxanne has been grooming in the North Bay area for 11 years. She has certification as a Professional Pet Groomer and is a talented stylist. She is able to groom dogs from small to large as well as cats.

Roxanne is the the proud owner of Maplebruxe Kennels where she breeds and shows her Brussels Griffons. Her breeding standard reflects to her valued membership of the Canadian Kennel Club and Nipissing Kennel Club

Roxanne also offers grooming customized grooming for your pet with her vast knowledge of breed-specific styles and care with every groom. Our carefree and calm environment allows Roxanne to showcase her skills while also making it a positive experience for your precious companion.

Roxanne’s Puppy Pack consists of her own Brussels Griffons; Sophie, Boris, Calli, Franki, Holly & Felix, with expected puppies soon!


Eric Russell


Eric has been working and training dogs for fifteen years, he is a proud member in good standing with the CKC, and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. 

Eric has earned a degree in dog training; studying social behaviour and communication, how dogs learn, and testing and dog selection.

Teaching at Canine Academy for the past five years, Eric has advanced his teaching to classes and seminars ranging from Puppy Kindergarten, all levels of trick Training, Scent Detection, Confidence building, and obstacle training. With a high level of commitment to continuing education, you can be assured that your dog will be learning current and proven techniques.

Some of his more recent courses has been Scent Detection, BAT and GROWL workshops.

Eric’s furry family consists of 3 beautiful Great Danes; Ben, Percy, and Blue. They all provide demonstrations during the classes and have their own unique skill set. Ben is a therapy dog that is enjoying retirement, Percy has earned three levels of Trick Titles; novice, intermediate, and advanced. He is currently working on his expert title and Blue is a lovable girl with a big heart.

The training philosophy and style that Eric follows, allows him to adapt techniques and theories with ease to accommodate all training goals.




As the first face you see when you come to Touch, Adria’s love for dogs is apparent in every aspect of her life. Her animal-addiction started at a very young age with a Golden Retriever named Fergus. Since then, Adria has always been surrounded by dogs. She is now owned by 3 Labradors, a Corgi named Chawlie, Max the Terrier Mix , and a Maltese named Molly.

Adria’s love for animal rehabilitation started when she completed a Co-Operative Education with Touch, since then she has loved providing assistance and cuddles to the pets of North Bay. She has recently completed her certification as a Canine Hydrotherapist and hopes to continue in this rewarding career path.