Wow what a great facility this is one of the best therapy facilities we have for our animals in the north. With some of the state-of-the-art equipment! Thanks
— Liz Levesque
Touch Animal Rehabilitation is the reason Mia has recovered so well from her TPLO surgery. Mia went for Hydrotherapy before her surgery to maintain strength, than she was back in the water after her surgery. Mia has recovered completely.
Our “old Ed’ suffers from IVDD and if it wasnt for Laurel he may not have walked again. With Hydrotherapy, strengthening exercises and laser therapy, Ed walked again.
— Carole Hunnisett
Mia and Ed

Mia and Ed

Read about Bridgette’s story  here

Read about Bridgette’s story here

Bridgette LOVES Laurel and Touch Animal Rehabilitation ♥ Laurel’s genuine concern and “touch” rehab techniques are why Bridgette is recovering so very well. Amazing work Laurel :)
— Monique Peters
I have been fortunate enough to be able to utilize the services offered at Touch. I have seen firsthand the healing and strengthening benefits of the laser, underwater treadmill, & massage. I’m saddened to think of where Ben would without your healing hands. Thank you Laurel! We all adore you!
— Cari Davis
Laurel was great and Oreo loves this place ... I feel that there is no better care in the world.
— Dana Carne-Bell
The therapy your pet will get makes you want to join them. Thank you for geting my dog back to health and in shape with the quicker recovery.
— Bob Smith
Very kind and great service. Easy to tell the whole staff truly cares about each animal that is brought in. Very accommodating and excellent at handling the animals. Facilities are great and well equipped. Highly recommend for both therapy or grooming.
— Nathan Lintner
I had the pleasure of meeting Laurel and the staff there today with my tri-paws Lewis! The experience was pawsome! I was shown many methods to help Lewis’ and his body stay in top form after his amputation! I was also given several e-books to use at home with him
Well worth the money and ty for the support!!!
— Raven St.Michel