Our Stress-Free Facility

We are dedicated to providing your pet with the calmest environment to ensure a stress-free day at the spa. Our grooming area allows your pet to take a break and explore. Attached directly to our large gym area, when your pup is all pampered, they can run around our kennel-free facility. Our groomer will take their time with each pet to ensure that their experience is a positive one.

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Special Accommodations

We are especially aware of senior pets and pets with disabilities. With lots of breaks and assistance, you don’t need to worry about your special pet having a stressful day and can be pampered like everyone else! Please let us know upon booking of any special accommodations that your pet may require so we can schedule enough time to make sure your pet is comfortable.


Price List


*All prices are estimates according to breed standards, do not include HST, and are subject to change according, but not limited to, size, time spent, equipment/level of assistance required and co-operation of the pet.

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