= Tricks Class =


Next Round Starts: TBA

$125* for 5 weeks!

Ready for some fun? This 5 week program is full of class clowns! Tricks are a great way to teach your pup problem solving, confidence and it’s a great ice breaker for guests! This class is geared towards you earning Tricks titles out of house. We use “Do More with Your Dog” techniques, working with you to achieve your Novice, Intermediate and Expert titles! It is a great opportunity for you and your dog to spend time together with a change of pace from obedience training!

These are just SOME of the tricks we learn!

  • Hoop Jump

  • Ride a Skateboard

  • Ring a bell

  • Play Dead

  • Say your Prayers

  • Peekaboo

  • Crawl

  • Hold your leash

  • Hide and Seek

  • Kisses

  • Figure 8’s

  • Get the newspaper


  • None!



Next Round Starts:

November 7th @ 6pm

$165* for 5 weeks!

This 100% positive and motivational class helps dogs and handlers develop highly valued skills in scent detection. Previous teaching methods entail the giving and taking away of food, producing a negative reaction to scent detection. Our techniques utilize a new method of training modeled after trials with the Sporting Dog Detection Association (SDDA) and the Canadian Sport Scent Detection Federation (CSSDF). Our program has already produced students who have gone on to achieve titles with the SDDA! Whether you are looking for fun training and activities with your dog or want to go on to trials, this class is for you!


  • None!

= Rally-O & Rally in the Park =


$140* for 5 weeks!

Rally-O or Rally Obedience is a sport which requires team work from the handler to the K9. It requires communication, obedience and leadership. The rally course is set up with a variety of signs and tasks to be completed in intervals. Points are earned depending on communication and teamwork between you and your dog. The more flawless the completion, the more points you earn. We leave you with a taste of the sport and knowledge to move forward to compete or just to have fun! Should you choose to trial for a title, we can point you in the right direction. If you simply want to get your pup out and keep their mind active, the positive atmosphere of the sport is the right way to get there! During our class there is no competition between participants, we are all there to learn the sport and have fun! On the final week we have a mock trial so you can see how far you’ve come with your pup!

INDOOR (FALL, WINTER, SPRING) : Our warm indoor gym allows your pup to focus on the task at hand without distractions! A great way to keep your pet’s mind active during the cold, wet months!

OUTDOOR (SUMMER) : With the warm weather, we take our Rally Class outside to the parks of North Bay! A great way to stay active in the warm months and keep your pet happy!


  • Level 1 Obedience Class

= Obstacle Course =


Next Round Starts:

November 10th @

$160* for 5 weeks!

Utilizing equipment similar to OPP Training, dogs will learn to navigate the course following the handler’s instruction. Some of our obstacles include: High Jumps, Window Jumps, Tunnels, Catwalk, A-Frame, and more! We also offer a small dog and seniors course to cater to those who still want to participate at all ages and sizes! This is a great way for you and your dog to develop confidence and increase your bond with team work!


  • Level 1 Obedience Class

*All of our listed FunForYourDog! Class prices do NOT include the added HST*